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Darku J – Don’t GO

Darku J artwork

What started out as a funky Nu Disco single turned into a chill deep house single.

Darku J – Ace’s High

Another release from Darku J, Very 2-Stepy

Darku J – Don’t Listen To A Word You’ve Heard

A New Minimalist house track from Darku J.

BCR Presents Creatures Volume 1

Bomb City Records is proud to release the full length project by Creatures simply titled “Volume 1″. It highlights the experimental side of hip hop leaving you with the impression that you just embarked on a journey to other galaxies. Volume 1 is packed with everything, original tracks to remixes of some of your favorite hip hop and electronic artist.

Creatures - Black Seas Of Infinity

Creatures - LHP

BEATpUNKS - Playtime (Creatures Remix)

Creatures - Light Years

Creatures - Long Road Traveled

Henry Mancini - Expierment In Terror (Creatures Bootleg)

Creatures - Plateau Phase

Creatures - Vegas

Evol Intent - 530pm (Creatures AM Bootleg)

Lil' Re - She (Creatures Remix)

Spank Rock - Bump (Creatures Bootleg)

BCR Presents Creatures Volume 1

Creatures is the side project BEATpUNKS (Robot Dance Records/Freaks Like Us – Oklahoma City,OK) focusing on experimental hip hop sounds. Make sure to follow him on twitter/facebook to keep in touch for his next release!